Revenue Based
Finance Coalition

Welcome to the RBFC

The Revenue Based Finance Coalition (RBFC) is a growing group of responsible finance companies who provide needed capital to small and medium sized businesses through innovative, non-traditional methods. Our members also include brokers and select vendors that provide technology and operations services to the industry.

The RBFC was formed to bring companies together to help educate Congress, federal and state regulators, and state elected officials on issues related to non-bank commercial finance. Our member companies offer fair and innovative alternatives to typical forms of small business financing and have filled the void created by the decline in small business lending by traditional banks.
The small business finance companies of the RBFC primarily offer Revenue Based Finance (RBF) factoring products. This innovative method allows small businesses to access funds for a seasonal inventory surge or to replace an unexpected major equipment failure, for example. Our members provide financing between $10,000 and $500,000 to approved small businesses.
RBFC member companies are helping to meet the needs of American small business entrepreneurs.

Our member companies provide flexibility for small business owners who lack the daily capital to expand their businesses or get through rough times. By purchasing future receivables from small business merchants in exchange for liquidity, business owners can meet capital needs and hire new employees as well as create and secure jobs in today’s economy.